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Authentically Fit

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Own Your Potential

A Life-changing 1:1 Online Coaching Experience

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It's time to 
Own Your Potential 

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Welcome to AF

Sarah Doell is Head Coach & Owner of Authentically Fit; the 1:1 personal training app that allows you to grow into your best self - mentally & physically.

Authentically Fit was designed for you to become self-aware of the habits that serve you and to help you overcome the ones that no longer do. Coach Sarah believes that everyone leads a life & past that is authentic to them which inspires her personalized programming design and detailed check-in process.

Are you ready to meet your best self?

Still Have Hesitations?

Authentically Fit

the team that chooses to


Coach Sarah designs her programs to fit YOUR LIFE. She doesn't believe that one program fits all, which is why every program at Authentically Fit is personally designed to fit your current lifestyle, workout environment, injury history, allergies, and personal goals. Authentically Fit was created with your health and happiness in mind. Through this authentic coaching experience, you can expect to gain results that level you up to be a champion in all areas of your life.

Coach Sarah

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