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Meet Coach Sarah

Authentically Fit - Coach Sarah

A Coach That's Here for YOU!

    When Coach Sarah realized that her passion was to help others grow confidence - mentally & physically - so that they could enjoy a life that is worth living, she knew that Personal Training was exactly where she needed to be.


    Coach Sarah trained 107 hours with a level 4 Personal Trainer, teaching her the ins & out's of the industry. She expanded her knowledge further and got her ISSA Personal Trainer Certification.


    After working in a few gyms, Coach Sarah noticed a huge disconnect between the level of service that clients deserve to receive in order to obtain the results that they were working so hard for. She knew that the way for her clients to receive the best results is through having direct access to her through online personal training.


    Always wanting to ensure that her clients receive the highest level of service, Coach Sarah decided to leave the in-person aspect of the gym & the Authentically Fit App was born! Online Training is a very popular yet new concept to Fitness Training, which is why Coach Sarah continued her education even further and become an OTA Certified Online Trainer.


    At Authentically Fit, we believe that growth is continuous and that it's one thing in life that should never stop. Coach Sarah has always had the desire to compete in Bodybuilding. In 2020, Coach Sarah coached herself through two competitions in the Wellness Category. She competed in a Natural and Open Show as a Natural Athlete, qualifying for the National Shows at both competitions. 

   Falling in love with bodybuilding came easy and Coach Sarah hired a Bodybuilding Coach, took two years off to grow, and stepped back on stage in 2022. She qualified once more for the National Show in 2023 where she will hit the stage again to try to earn her IFBB Pro Card as a natural athlete!

   Coach Sarah is truly passionate to set the standard to #doitdifferent and build a community of people who are inspired to take control of their natural potential. 


   She is a Coach who feels like she can truly relate to her clients through her tireless self-work journey in overcoming disordered eating & eating disorders, self-hate, body dysmorphia, exercise obsession, and being her worst enemy!

  Coach Sarah firmly believes that life is hard so we do not need to make it any harder. It's easy to lose sight of what we already have and Coach Sarah is here to remind you of your true potential!

Coach Sarah - Bodybuilding

Coaches Vision

Coach Sarah firmly believes that it is the hardships that we go through in life, like lack of confidence, tough relationships, and all the other sh!t that life throw's at us that allows us to lose sight of who we are - mentally & physically. Her vision is to have her clients impacted in a way that allows them to:

1) see their worth and who they truly are

2) be so comfortable in their body that they LOVE IT at every stage 

3) break unhealthy relationships with food & feel empowered in how to properly feed themselves 

4) overcome dangerous obsessions that create a destructive mindset 

5) create the understanding that exercise is meant to grow us in strength & energy, not to be used as punishment

6) develop the healthiest relationship that they have ever had with their mind & body

7) be an inspiration to the loved ones around them 

Coach Sarah - Bodybuilding Wellness
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